Fruitbelt Farmworker

In Adams, Franklin and Cumberland Counties, we minister through Fruitbelt Farmworker Christian Ministry. Under the leadership of the Rev. Roddy Runyan, FFCM serves the migrant and seasonal farmworkers who harvest apples, peaches and cherries. 

Most of the workers are single men who come without their families and live in migrant camps for the harvest season. A few of the workers remain in the area to help with pruning and other tasks.

The service of FFCM includes supplying health kits, blankets and sweatshirts to newly arrived pickers, arranging churches to visit work camps, meeting emergency needs of pickers and bible studies.

Management Committee

The ministry is overseen by a management committee.  The committee is designed to include representatives of local churches, ministerial associations, growers, and other non-profit groups serving the migrant population. The committees' duties include program planning coordination, and evaluation.  Committees meet six to nines times a year.


How can you help?

  • Send a financial contribution the Pennsylvania Council of Churches, designated for " farmworker ministry," which will be divided between Fruitbelt Farmworker Christian Ministry and Chester County Migrant Ministry; or, designate the contribution for the specific ministry.

  • Donate clothing, health kits or other items. Contact Roddy Runyan: 717.701.8633, or email.

  • Serve on the management committee.

  • Assist your church "Adopt A Camp." Congregations are needed to sponsor picnics with workers, play games, deliver health kits, conduct brief worship services (interpreters available), or other activities. Contact Roddy Runyan: 717.701.8633, or email.

Additional questions, e-mail the Pennsylvania Council of Churches.





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